What most players get wrong about golf

A lot of people who play golf regularly think that they know a lot about golf, when in fact they fall to same prejudices and misconceptions as beginners do. One of the most important misconceptions out there is that you have to be rich and have extremely expensive golf clubs to play golf. That’s just not true – i know plenty of golfers who are playing extremely well on affordable set of clubs. The trick is knowing how to choose golf clubs properly. Those same people who think that money can get you better results look down on buying used golf clubs as well. In fact, used golf clubs are extremely useful for those who are tight on budget. You just have to know how to choose them well and what details to look out for so that you don’t get scammed.

It is also always good idea to spend more on golf lessons than you spend on equipment alone. But don’t spend too much time learning basics of golf. I think the return on investment of paying for golf lessons steadily decreases after one or two lessons. After that, the best way to get better at golf is to just be on the course and play regularly. Practicing and getting good golf clubs is, in my opinion, the supreme way to improve your golf skills. For example, if you’re slicing your shots, getting a draw type driver and practicing with it a lot can fix most of your problems.

One more thing that people often don’t realize is also related to the cost of golf clubs. They don’t like to pay thousands for golf clubs, but when you think about it, golf clubs are only minor costs compared to what you pay for course fees over time. For example, high quality set of clubs might cost you about thousand dollars, but you pay much more on the course actually, not to mention the time you spend playing golf. My point with this is, if you are going to spend a lot of time and money on your hobby, you might as well do it right and not be cheap when it comes to golf clubs. This is not to say, of course, that you should try to buy your way into success when playing golf. That is impossible. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be hesitant to pay for quality.

Some people also don’t realize that having golf as a hobby can be a great addition to traveling. I, as an experienced traveler, can attest that these two hobbies go very well together. I don’t know if it’s generally accepted fact, but for me, playing on the fields of a country can be  a great way to get the vibe of countryside and in general, get the best from my traveling experience. I think this fact about golf isn’t as ignored as the others, but this sport can also be a great way to get to know interesting people, who will enrich your network. That’s why a lot of businessmen play golf – to have fun and relax, of course, but also in order to make new, interesting acquitances.