Social and networking benefits of playing golf

I have discussed a lot of topics related to golf lately, but i haven’t yet talked about one thing that is often overlooked by everyone. That is, golf as a medium through which you can socialize with your co-workers, boss or even get to know new people and build relationships in the industry you’re working in. I never see people discussing this side of golf, and can’t understand why. Perhaps people don’t want to be seen like they are charming people and taking advantage of golf, but that’s not what i’m talking about. I’m talking about mutually beneficial, respectful relationship between people who are involved in same line of work, or a way to relax after work with your coworkers.

Golf is very slow paced sport, so it allows you to have casual conversations while doing something. And it is also good ice breaker, which allows you to get to know people better and familiarize with them. It is also very flexible in terms of activity. If you want to be active while playing golf, you can, but it is also accommodating to players who don’t want to get wasted on the golf course. You can ride golf cart and go on with your day as if nothing had happened. As opposed to working out in gym, which takes few more hours to recover from.

I guess that’s why golf is viewed as rich man’s sport. And most rich men happen to be older than average. It is indeed perfect activity for old men who want to hang out with their friends, while making connections and deals at the same time.  And i guess that’s why presidents are notoriously criticized for the time they spend on playing golf. But we have to understand that they might be doing serious business at the same time, and take it easy on them.

There are a lot of douchebags on golf course, who like to show off their wealth and still can’t buy their golf game. They take tons of classes and still end up as mediocre players, or buy  best seniors golf clubs they can find, but for one of those guys, there are dozens who are cool people and knowing them can be a great asset in your business career. Or just as a friends. By the way, it’s possible to buy even better golf clubs than they have, you just need to know where to look. My favorite place for golf club reviews, and in particular senior’s golf club reviews is GolfClubsGuru.  This culture of golf, culture of business, is why i love it so much and will keep playing it for the rest of my life.

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