How to make sure your kids don’t grow up hating golf

Yesterday, during my time on golf course, i saw a kid with his parents on the course. But something about him was off, he dragged his feet and didn’t seem to enjoy his time on the course. I went on playing my game, but once i got back home, i thought about that boy some more. I am 24 year old guy, currently engaged, and while i don’t plan on having kids any time soon, i want to have them in distant future, so i got to thinking what i’d do differently as a father. It is obvious that his parents were forcing him to play golf for some reason. Common reasons for forcing your children into certain sports are things like scholarships and vacating time for yourself to be alone without worrying about the kid. And while i do realize it’s very tough, but it’s still a little off for me. Golf is especially sensitive topic to me. I am golf fanatic, and don’t want to take any risks in that regard. I must make sure that my kid loves golf as much as i do, it’s one of the dreams of my life. It might be the case for that boy i saw yesterday as well, but his parents took approach that is clearly wrong. You can’t force anyone into liking a certain sport.

Instead, i will try to get my son to initiate going to the course himself. Whatever it takes, even if it’s expensive candy and surprises, i will find a way to make it work. First, as a parent, you have to associate golf course with a place where you have fun. And the rest will follow. I’m no psychologist, but i know how kid’s mind works, so i’m sure in my plan and how well it will work.

It’s funny though, because i don’t have a lot of money right now, yet still in my imaginations, i’m the rich dad who won’t refuse anything his kid asks.

As far as my research goes, i’ve also discovered that choosing very good junior golf club set is also very important. If your kid is just a beginner, you can get started with any junior club set made by decent brands like Callaway or Wilson, but once your kid starts to get serious, you have to have golf clubs fitted and pick the one that your kid will like the most. Golf is individual. Salesmen will tell you that this or that club set is the best and will work for everyone, but in my experience, that’s not how it goes. What i would recommend, is to go to your local golf retailer and let your kid try on different club sets before he or she finds one that he/she likes.

Anyways, that’s about it for today. I really do think that all kids should be going out and be active. Not sitting at home and playing videogames all day, as they are doing now. That’s just unhealthy, both for brain and the body.

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