Value of old golf clubs

I am a person who trades with vintage items and deals with collectors a lot, and there is something i need to clear up about my niche of business. There is common misconception among golf players that all old golf clubs are worth a lot. I believed it myself, so i looked up prices of 50 and 70 year old golf clubs on eBay, and surprisingly, they weren’t worth much at all. I got curious and started to investigate, and found out that unless your specific golf club was of very limited edition, or was owned by famous golfer who won important championships with them, your old golf clubs will have tiny value because they were massively produced, so there is no shortage of old vintage golf clubs for anyone who might be collecting them. And on top of that, they are not as well-built and well-designed as some top notch clubs clubs available today, driving their prices even lower. For affordable prices on new golf clubs for women, see this GolfClubsGuru tutorial.

And this misconception isn’t exclusive to golf players either. Because of some odd exceptions, which were sold for millions, public thinks that everything, even if they are not rare, can get expensive with age. Which, obviously, couldn’t be further from the truth. Some cars might get more expensive, because they were not produced in such high quantities as they are today. Especially those cars made by Henry Ford, before he had discovered advantages of mass production. But even mass produced cars might have broken down or got rusty over the years, so if you have well-groomed old car, it might actually be worth something today. I don’t understand the whole obsession with cars, but apparently, some people get kick out of it, and if those people happen to be rich, and badly want to have your car, consider yourself very lucky.

Anyway, that’s all i wanted to talk about today. I just got irritated because i get calls from so many people expecting to get rich off their old golf clubs, and telling each one of them the truth, results in their disappointment. And that’s kind of exhausting and hard to do. So i hope this helps someone, and i’ll be back with more tips on golf in short period of time.

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