Healthier alternatives to eating bread

If you are a carbohydrate queen, then you do not discriminate. You will gladly bite into a hot and chewy roll or even a forkful of pasta, either grab a handful of pretzels, or devour a just-out-of-the-oven blueberry muffin. While I’m all for enjoying carbohydrates, loading up on bread products is not the ideal strategy if you’re attempting to shed pounds. Notice how many calories you’ll save by utilizing these easy bread swaps with veggies and fruit.

A new study tells us that in addition to its known contribution to weight gain and obesity, white bread, bagels and white rice additionally contribute to a 49% growth in lung cancer!

Glycemic index is defined by the rate at which blood sugar levels are increased after swallowing a given food. Foods with high levels of refined sugars raise blood sugar levels significantly and quickly, while those high in fiber and low in sugar have a lower glycemic index. One reason why fruit is healthier than candy is that the fiber slows down the digestive process, slowing down and lowering the blood glucose levels after consumption.

Highly processed white rice and bread made from wheat is what is causing the high glycemic index — the fast conversion of carbs to blood sugar makes white flour and rice almost as bad as candy! One solution would be to flip into whole wheat for a replacement for breads made from processed, white flour. When picking bread, do not rely on the labels that state “Whole Wheat Bread.” Instead, check the ingredients. If the first component is “wheat flour” or “unbleached enriched flour,” then it’s still highly processed flour with a high glycemic index. Start looking for labels using the very first ingredient listed as “100 percent whole-wheat wheat” or “100% whole grain.”

Another fantastic way to lower your glycemic index would be to replace white bread and rice with breads and pastas not produced from wheat. A lot of individuals are already doing this in order to prevent gluten, a protein in wheat products which has a negative effect on digestion. To avoid the high blood glucose that comes out of eating white bread and rice, then try out some breads and pastas made from such choices.

It is simpler than ever to find healthy alternatives to try — so experimentation with many of these whole grains in breads, pastas and side dishes. Because you can see, there are lots of wholesome alternatives to processed white flour and rice, and they even taste much better compared to their highly processed alternatives!

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